This Is the Best Alarm Clock for Your Tween or Teen and Makes a Great Gift!

Kids Outgrow Cute ClocksWhen your kids are young, there's a huge selection of adorable alarm clocks for both boys and girls, like robots, Star Wars characters, unicorns, and Hello Kitty.  They reach an age, however, when they feel like big kids and are suddenly embarrassed by their childish clock when friends come over to hang out.
Your tweens and teens don't want an alarm clock like YOU because it isn't cool to be anything like their parents.
Though they rarely admit it, tweeners somewhere between ages 8 and 12 still like the comfort of a night light, but they don't want anyone to think they NEED a night light because they certainly aren't SCARED of the dark.  
Turns out, there's a perfect alarm clock that solves all these emotional quandaries for your tweens and teens.  It's looks mature but not old, includes a built-in night light in 7 different colors, and has two spots to plug in their devices.     
Hands down, this is the best clock you can buy your tween…

A BIG Reason Our Country Is Divided No One Mentions

It's no secret our country is divided, but we may disagree on the reason we function less as one nation, under God, indivisible....Where have you been pointing the finger (and what finger have you been pointing)?  Are you blaming the media?Rioters?Politics?The pandemic?All these factors morph together into a virus of their own that afflicts our American family, causing strife, chaos, and division among our friends and neighbors, in our cities and neighborhoods, and even in our own homes, but a HUGE reason our country is divided is right in front of our faces, literally.The culprit?  Social media. Social Media Ferments HatredWhen you are communicating with someone face-to-face, you are less inclined to be confrontational and more apt to extend grace.  In the past, we could disagree with someone but still like them as a person and keep them as a friend.
How did we manage that?
It seems an archaic concept no longer practiced, like chivalry.  
Parents once taught their kids to say…

8 Ideas on How You Can Celebrate Christmas in July

Do You Celebrate Christmas in July?For many of us, July is one of the hottest months of the year.  Why would we celebrate Christmas when heat indexes soar to the upper 90's or higher?  The answer is simple--we LOVE Christmas!Twelve months between celebrations is just too long.  Christmas in July is our booster shot of holiday cheer that keeps our hearts merry and bright for five more months.In the comment section below, share what you do to celebrate Christmas in July.  If you've never recognized or participated in this pseudo holiday, we'll give you some ideas to plan your first ever Christmas in July.

1.  Christmas in July CountdownIf you still have kids at home, Christmas in July brings extra excitement to their summer vacation. Do you have an advent calendar stashed away among your boxes of decorations?  Dig it out and let your kids track the countdown to July 25.  Since we celebrate this event each year, we never put our advent calendar in storage, but leave it in a cl…

Five Reasons You Should Delete Friends on Facebook

Reasons People Join FacebookWhy did you originally join Facebook?
Theoretically, Facebook provides a platform to remain in contact with friends and family both far and near. You always know what your besties are doing.You keep up-to-date on family news.You watch where life takes your old classmates.You stay connected to co-workers, even if you change jobs.If you move away from your hometown, you can still stay in touch with the people you've known all your life.When you share your own news, you have a large support network to cheer you on.In reality, Facebook is the Diet Coke of social engagement.  You can have 3,000 friends but remain completely isolated.  People might comment on your posts, but most forget all about you once they hit like.  In this sense, Facebook is really unsocial media.

You have a core group of friends and family who use Facebook to stay close to you, but they are a small percentage of your total friend count.  The ones who truly care about you deserve your focu…

Should Students Be Required to Wear Masks to School in the Fall?

State Departments of Education Drafting Fall Protocols for Schools
When school resumes in the Fall, do you want your kids wearing masks all day in class?

If you answered "yes," this post is not for you.  Move on.  This post is for patriots who understand the mandating of masks is a tyrannical move that violates our freedom.

Many state departments of education are in the process of drafting return-to-school protocols, where mandatory mask-wearing will be required for teachers, faculty, and students.  Since nothing is written in stone, especially as we wait to see how re-opening the country will unfold, now is the time to speak up in protest.

Here's How You Can Take Action Against Mandatory Student Mask-Wearing
There are a few things you can do to make your voice heard:

Local districts may be granted flexibility from your state, so contact your superintendents and school board members.  Simply Google "(Name of School District) board of education" and you will find …

Tips for Keeping the Neighbor Kids Out of Your Yard

Some Parents Are Idiots
The days are warmer, and everyone is spending more time outdoors.  That includes the neighbor kids, who may have developed the bad habit of extending their boundaries into your yard and personal space.

The real culprits here are the parents.  Common sense should guide parents to remind their kids where the invisible boundaries are between houses, but this overly narcissistic generation shows little regard for anyone but themselves.

If you try to be pleasant and cordial with your neighbors for the sake of getting along, this may be misconstrued as a welcome invitation to invade your personal space at will.

A "kid person" loves interacting with the neighborhood children and doesn't regard them dotting the lawn as an invasive species.

Others are only "kid people" with their own kids and don't appreciate uninvited company.

Thoughtless parents with no respect of your privacy or personal property put you in a pickle.  They are the idiots…