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A BIG Reason Our Country Is Divided No One Mentions

It's no secret our country is divided, but we may disagree on the reason we function less as one nation, under God, indivisible.... Where have you been pointing the finger (and what finger have you been pointing)?   Are you blaming the media? Rioters? Politics? The pandemic? All these factors morph together into a virus of their own that afflicts our American family, causing strife, chaos, and division among our friends and neighbors, in our cities and neighborhoods, and even in our own homes, but a HUGE reason our country is divided is right in front of our faces, literally. The culprit?  Social media. Social Media Ferments Hatred When you are communicating with someone face-to-face, you are less inclined to be confrontational and more apt to extend grace.  In the past, we could disagree with someone but still like them as a person and keep them as a friend. How did we manage that? Respect.    It seems an archaic concept no longer practiced, like chivalry.   Parents once taught th