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How To Make Old-Fashioned Wilted Lettuce Like Grandma's

The Secret Ingredient In Wilted Lettuce Back in grandma's day, culinary delights were made with heart-stopping lard rather than butter.  Maybe you've never heard of lard, but it comes from pig fat, and as gross as that sounds, makes the best biscuits and flaky pie crusts you've ever eaten. In the era of big gardens where families saved money on meals by freezing and canning their own homegrown produce, wilted lettuce during the growing season was a special treat at dinner.   Wilted lettuce is a summertime specialty. Simmering wilted lettuce dressing on the stovetop fills the kitchen with a pungent, mouth-watering aroma.  It takes me back to my own childhood when I'd come in from playing and find mom busy preparing some for dinner.   What makes this old-fashioned recipe so delicious?  The secret ingredient to wilted lettuce is bacon grease .  Before you slap your hands to your face in horror, let me remind you that paradoxically in our ultra, health-conscious generation