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Five Reasons You Should Delete Friends on Facebook

Reasons People Join Facebook Why did you originally join Facebook? Theoretically, Facebook provides a platform to remain in contact with friends and family both far and near. You always know what your besties are doing. You keep up-to-date on family news. You watch where life takes your old classmates. You stay connected to co-workers, even if you change jobs. If you move away from your hometown, you can still stay in touch with the people you've known all your life. When you share your own news, you have a large support network to cheer you on. In reality, Facebook is the Diet Coke of social engagement.  You can have 3,000 friends but remain completely isolated.  People might comment on your posts, but most forget all about you once they hit like .  In this sense, Facebook is really unsocial media. You have a core group of friends and family who use Facebook to stay close to you, but they are a small percentage of your total friend count.  The ones who truly care about you deserv