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The Best BLT Chicken Salad Recipe You Can Make This Summer!

When temperatures soar during the summer months, salads are a cool and refreshing dinner option that don't require heating up the oven. What if you're feeding picky eaters who turn up their noses at salad?  They won't be able to resist the familiar taste of a classic sandwich once you assemble all the fixings! Marinated grilled chicken dresses up this delicious spin on a BLT.  This salad tastes like Summer! Fun Facts on the History of the BLT While the BLT ranks as the "nation's favorite" sandwich in the U.K., it's the sixth most popular sandwich in America.  BLTs just taste better in the summertime, particularly during the tomato harvest.   Did you know the BLT didn't become trendy until after WWII? While the basic BLT consists of bacon, lettuce, and tomato tucked between two slices of toasted bread, several variations can be made to tweak the sandwich for different palates.  Some prefer turkey bacon, while others add sliced avocado or onion.  The BLT