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Tips for Keeping the Neighbor Kids Out of Your Yard

Some Parents Are Idiots The days are warmer, and everyone is spending more time outdoors.  That includes the neighbor kids, who may have developed the bad habit of extending their boundaries into your yard and personal space. The real culprits here are the parents.  Common sense should guide parents to remind their kids where the invisible boundaries are between houses, but this overly narcissistic generation shows little regard for anyone but themselves. If you try to be pleasant and cordial with your neighbors for the sake of getting along, this may be misconstrued as a welcome invitation to invade your personal space at will. A "kid person" loves interacting with the neighborhood children and doesn't regard them dotting the lawn as an invasive species. Others are only "kid people" with their own kids and don't appreciate uninvited company. Thoughtless parents with no respect of your privacy or personal property put you in a pickle.  They