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Squirrels: Pests or Pals?

Image courtesy of MadeleinWolf at Are you inundated with squirrels where you live? Here in the suburbs, it's a squirrel invasion.  Squirrels stage takeovers of our neighborhoods, knowing full well we can't risk firing at them and inadvertently picking off the people next door who emerge at the wrong time. Plant grass seed, flowers, or spread  mulch, and these furry jihadists dig when you're not looking and displace your perfectly manicured sections of nature.  They are like kids who rumple a neatly made bed, or the spouse who leaves footprints on your freshly swept carpet.  It's irksome! Fall is the time to plant flower bulbs that will be your first harbingers of Spring.  Squirrels consider this a game of hide and seek.  Hide a bulb underground, and they will bring it to the surface to let you know they found it.  They never tire of this game, no matter how many times you replant the bulb.  Placing rocks on top of your bulbs discourages t