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Best Avocado & Egg Toast Recipe for the Perfect Flavor Blend!

Avocados aren't just for yuppies and vegans anymore--oodles of Americans are obsessed with them! Why are avocados so popular? Not only are they more accessible and affordable than ever before, but avocados are a superfood that actually taste delicious.    After guacamole, avocado toast is immensely popular. How Avocados Became More Accessible in America Avocados have been a Mexican staple for over 10,000 years, but Americans' delight over this fresh, buttery, and nutty tasting fruit began in the early 20th century, mainly in the growing regions of California and Florida. One particular variety, the Hass avocado, comprises nearly 95% of the four billion avocados Americans eat each year, and it's an avocado with an interesting history. Rudolph Hass was a California mail carrier who planted three avocado seeds in 1926, which yielded one strong seedling.  When Hass's attempt to graft his seedling with another avocado variety failed, he almost cut down his tree.  Thankfully,