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4 Reasons Why Hallmark Movies Aren't As Good As They Used To Be

Oldies, But Goodies Hallmark is best known for its escapism entertainment where fans can find a happy place to lose themselves in a stress-free love story that always ends happily. While Hallmark movies attract viewers from all walks of life, it has particularly been a haven for Christians and conservatives who flocked to the network to avoid the vile and secular programming that saturates the majority of networks. When the pandemic struck the entire world in 2020, even more people gravitated to Hallmark movies while they were stuck at home, drawing comfort from them like a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Images:  Crown Media Despite gorging on an inordinate amount of these Hallmark movies (they are addictive!), there is a growing rumble of discontent among fans.  Conversations within the realm of social media reveals Hallmarkies prefer the older movies over the majority of newer releases.  This is admitted in hushed tones because Hallmark fans are a dedicated and loyal group,