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Mike Lindell's "MyPillows" Really Work AND You Support An American Patriot When You Buy Them

Mike Lindell Is Beloved If you haven't seen a lengthy MyPillow commercial by now, you must live in a cave. Mike Lindell nearly bubbles over from his passion about helping people get the "best sleep of their lives."  Lindell is not an actor.  He really is  as happy as he looks. His genuine smile, upbeat persona, and sparkling eyes aren't manufactured for the camera.  Lindell has tapped into the source of true and unending joy, and that is Jesus. Mike Lindell is the real deal. After battling multiple addictions for many years, Lindell attended a retreat where he finally made the decision to surrender his life to Christ, and it completely transformed him. Lindell has been blessed to be a blessing.  He created the Lindell Foundation to help veterans, cancer victims, and people struggling with addiction.  In addition, he founded the Lindell Recovery Network to help drug addicts connect with Christian recovery organizations.   Lindell is a generous man whose philanthropy i