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How to Clean Your Dryer's Lint Trap in 3 Easy Steps (with Pictures)!

What Causes the Film on Your Dryer Lint Trap? You want to wear clothes that are soft and static-free, but using fabric softener and dryer sheets creates a gunky film on your dryer lint trap.   Do you always clean the lint off your dryer screen after every load?  You probably do, but with regular use, your lint trap also needs washed approximately every six months to eliminate buildup which adversely affects your dryer's efficiency. One way to tell if your dryer lint trap needs a thorough washing is to hold it up to the light.  Do you see shaded areas like the picture on the left below?  Rinsing the dryer lint screen under water won't fix the problem.  The water will not drain properly through the screen when it's clogged with residue, which means air can't flow through it either. A clogged dryer lint trap prevents your dryer from working optimally.   Why Do You Need to Clean the Lint Screen? If you have a family, the endless amount of laundry is overwhelming.  Dirty c