Review of Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes from Wind River: The Best Sounding Wind Chimes You Can Buy!

There are two opinions when it comes to wind chimes:  you either love or hate the sound of them dancing across the breeze.

Some people prefer the pure melodies of nature, like a chorus of chirping birds, wind rustling through the trees, or water trickling over rocks in a nearby brook.  To such, wind chimes are a clamorous intrusion upon tranquility.

For others, wind chimes are the perfect accompaniment to nature's symphony.  No relaxation CD can compare. 

Perhaps the reason for the opposing viewpoints on wind chimes really centers on sound quality--not all wind chimes are created equal.

44" Copper Vein Corinthian Bells wind chimes by Wind River

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes from Wind River Are Superior in Quality and Made in the USA!

You get what you pay for is cliché, but it holds true when it comes to purchasing the perfect set of wind chimes.

You can find wind chimes anywhere:  garden centers, hardware stores, home improvement retailers, the grocery, and online, and they come in a wide spectrum of price points.

When testing wind chimes, you might feel a little like Goldilocks--some are too tinkly, some are too clangy, some are too light, and some are too heavy.  The Corinthian Bells from Wind River, however, are just right!

What sets the Corinthian Bells apart from less expensive options?

  • They are made in the USA!  They are hand-crafted in Virginia, and all materials are sourced from US suppliers.  
  • Each pipe is hand tuned to a pentatonic scale of C and individually tested for clarity and pitch before final assembly.
  • They are built to last and will not rust.  The nylon cords tying everything together are UV-treated and can withstand the outdoors year-round.  
  • The Corinthian Bells wind chimes come with a 5-year warranty covering defective materials or craftmanship.
  • Wind River offers these wind chimes in a variety of colors to match your style:  Black, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, Midnight Blue, Ruby Splash, Plum, Green, and Pantina Green.

I bought our first set of unbranded wind chimes from Hobby Lobby.  They were small and dainty, and when I tested them in the store, they emitted a gentle tinkle, like the heavenly flutter of angel wings.  Little did I realize that the tubes were so light and chintzy that it would take tornado winds to make them clink together on their own.  After hanging them off the deck, I opened the kitchen window expectantly and hoped to hear their happy chatter while doing dishes, but they rarely chimed.  Within two years, they were faded and rusted.

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes from Wind River Are the Best on the Market

While working in my vegetable and flower gardens one day, the most beautiful chimes tickled my ears as a warm, summer gust streamed their peaceful resonance into my backyard.  I couldn't tell exactly what house in the neighborhood was responsible, but the sound was enchanting!  

Tracking down this perfect-sounding chime became like trying to taste test a dish to decode its secret ingredients.

I visited Home Depot, Lowe's, our local garden centers, Walmart, Target, the grocery, gift shops, and hardware stores, but I could not find chimes that made the elusive tones.

One year later, our town hardware store stocked new chimes--Corinthian Bells from Wind River--but I balked at the price tag and almost didn't test them.  Unable to resist, I gave the tubes a small nudge, and my eyes widened--it was the SOUND!  I'd finally found the Holy Grail of wind chimes!

I recorded this two-minute video on a windy day--give it a listen!

What I Love Most About Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes from Wind River

My deck is my happy spot in warmer months.  Whenever my schedule allows time for relaxation, I head to our table under the umbrella and read, blog, page through recipe books, play games with my family, sip a glass of wine with my hubby, or simply watch the kids and their friends run around the backyard.

The Corinthian Bells wind chimes from Wind River are a heavenly addition that underline the tranquility, not compromise it.  

Unlike other chimes that require strong bursts of wind to set them in motion, Corinthian Bells sound with the slightest breeze thanks to its bottom sail.  The best part is their reverberation.  After the center clapper makes contact with the tubes, the notes linger, like when someone wearing expensive perfume leaves a room, yet the alluring scent hangs on the air.

Corinthian Bells don't gong heavily or make an obnoxious, shrill tinkle that will cause your neighbors hate you.  The chords they generate are rich and full, enchanting and serene.

Our Wind River chimes hang off of our deck, outside of our kitchen window.  Even with the window shut, I can still hear and enjoy them while I'm doing dishes.  When the weather allows us to sleep with the upstairs bedroom window open, the chimes, combined with the chorus of crickets, send up a calming symphony that lulls us to sleep.

Purchase Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes in Your Favorite Color!

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes Make a Unique Gift

If you're looking for a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, Mother's Day, birthday, or other special occasion, the Corinthian Bells wind chimes from Wind River are the perfect choice.  When you purchase these chimes online, they will arrive in an attractive presentation box, which in-store purchases don't typically include.

You may struggle to justify purchasing such an expensive set of wind chimes for yourself.  Most of us aren't typically so self-indulgent.  

In the current economy, the prices for food, gas, energy, and basic living expenses must be prioritized over our desires for the unessential and whimsical; however, the Corinthian Bells wind chimes are an investment. These chimes offer an orchestral performance in your backyard while you work and play and a nightly serenade under the stars without the cost of a ticket.


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