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Retro Summertime Veggie Pizza Recipe--Just Like Mom Used to Make!

We all look for ways to cool down in the summer, and eating light and refreshing foods is one way to beat the heat. Although there are many different twists on making veggie pizza, this recipe is a throwback to the 1980's, and it uses a flavor blend you'll find addictive! This delicious veggie pizza recipe is a throwback to the 1980's. Classic Veggie Pizza Like Mom Used to Make Have you ever eaten something that immediately transports you back to your childhood?  A taste, just like a smell, can retrieve long-forgotten memories. Air conditioning is something we take for granted today, but in the 80's, many rural families like mine lived without it.  It was simply unaffordable.  Even on a 90-degree day, it felt cooler outside than inside our stifling house. Homes like ours avoided using the oven on sweltering days, but if something had to be baked, moms snapped to it before daybreak.  Since veggie pizza crust didn't take long in the oven, it was a perfect summer meal