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This Is the Best Alarm Clock for Your Tween or Teen and Makes a Great Gift!

Kids Outgrow Cute Clocks When your kids are young, there's a huge selection of adorable alarm clocks for both boys and girls, like robots, Star Wars characters, unicorns, and Hello Kitty.  They reach an age, however, when they feel like big kids and are suddenly embarrassed by their childish clock when friends come over to hang out. Your tweens and teens don't want an alarm clock like YOU because it isn't cool to be anything like their parents. Though they rarely admit it, tweeners somewhere between ages 8 and 12 still like the comfort of a night light, but they don't want anyone to think they NEED a night light because they certainly aren't SCARED of the dark.   Turns out, there's a perfect alarm clock that solves all these emotional quandaries for your tweens and teens.  It's looks mature but not old, includes a built-in night light in 7 different colors, and has two spots to plug in their devices.      Hands down, this is the best clock you can buy your t