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Jody's Old-Fashioned Beef & Noodles--Homemade, Simple & Delicious!

Just Like Grandma Made In today's busy world, cooks are looking for meals that can be fixed quickly.  Between working, soccer games, and other commitments, no has time to spend hours in the kitchen.   Cookbooks, magazines, and recipe sites abound that target people with hectic schedules, promising fast fixes that are simple but delicious. While some snap meals requiring only a few ingredients are tasty, many of them aren't.  Let's be honest.  The faster a meal comes together, the less likely your family will like it. Yet, when you think back to the meals your grandma made, especially if your granny grew up during the Great Depression, do you remember how mouth-wateringly delicious they were, even though her meals were nothing fancy and very basic? How did she do it? For one thing, she used whole foods and made everything from scratch.  Today's cooks cut corners by using canned broths, frozen vegetables, and other pre-packaged foods to save time.  It's okay to tak