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Some people would rather be anywhere than home--at the office, on vacation, out on the town with friends.

Others might enjoy getting away every now and then, but on a regular basis, they would rather be home than anywhere.  Are you one of those people?

It doesn't matter if you spend eight hours at work or take your family on a fun adventure, you don't have to be a homemaker for your heart to be its happiest when you're in your cozy nest.

Your home is your happy spot.  It's your safe haven--the place where you find peace and rest from the crazy world.  It's where you get refreshed so you can face another day "out there."

If you have a family, then your home is bustling with activity, laughter, love, and snuggles.

If you're an empty-nester or living alone, home is your sanctuary.

We all have favorite spots to escape to in our homes.  For young moms, it might be a locked bathroom.  For retirees, it's a well-worn recliner.

We fill our homes with our favorite comforts, and some of our back yards offer better views than the fanciest lodges and resorts.

This blog is for all of you who don't find life at home mundane, but precious.  You appreciate the millions of little joys that pop up each day, right under your own roof.

When your home is your happy spot, you learn to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.