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4 Soups to Make This Winter

Few people crave soup during the summer months, but a steaming bowl in winter is comforting and warms you from head to toe.

It can be a challenge to find a delicious soup recipe that isn't complicated, requires simple ingredients, and can come together in a snap.  Here are four you will want to try.
1.  Chicken Noodle Soup There have been countless spins on this homemade classic, but it's a soup that tastes best when you take a "less is more" approach.  You won't find any fancy ingredients or spices in this one, and its simplicity is what makes it traditional and delicious! Ingredients Servings: 6 3-4 chicken thighs, boiled, separated from bone, and shredded3 medium carrots, sliced1 stick celery, diced1 small onion, diced3 14.5 oz. cans chicken broth1 teaspoon chicken base1 teaspoon parsley8 oz. uncooked egg noodlesDirectionsPlace chicken thighs in soup pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil.  Cover pot and boil on low until tender, about 25-30 minutes.  Remove t…