Pre-Holiday Purging: Time to Make Room

Stores are brimming with irresistibly hot buys.  Toys are flying off the shelf, and you're frantically trying to find time to finish snagging what you've selected from a pile of wish lists.

Maybe you've avoided the crowds and shopped online this year.

What have you been eyeing?  A sparkly sweater?  A new kitchen gadget?  Do you even have room for one more thing?

Do your kids want toys that take up too much space?

Mary and Joseph were turned away from an inn because there was no room for them--maybe if the innkeeper just cleared out a backlogged room, he could have changed the whole story!  If you have family staying with you this Christmas, make room. 

It can take a few hours or an entire weekend (though extra time is scarce this time of year) to perform a much needed pre-holiday purge, but you can enlist the whole family to help.
Select Targets For Your Pre-Holiday Purge Depending on your clutter volume, you might become overwhelmed and short-circuit before you start.  

Are You Carving a Pumpkin This Year?

If your kids are grown, chances are your pumpkin carving days are over.  You've passed the ceremonial carving kit to the next generation.

Maybe your kids are old enough to start carving their own pumpkins so you can at least be done with scooping goop.

If your kids are small, you're still stuck with the job.
Choosing the Perfect Pumpkin Where do you go to choose your perfect pumpkin?
Some take seasonal hay rides that stop by a pumpkin patch brimming with pumpkins of all sizes, colors, shapes, and textures.  Smoother surfaces are ideal for pumpkin painting, but bumpy pumpkins are loaded with character.    
Other families visit a local farmer's market to peruse the pumpkin harvest options.

Avid gardeners might grow their own pumpkins.

Of course, grocery stores and home improvement places like Home Depot carry an ample stock, and it's very convenient to swing in and snag one to save time.
Selecting a Pumpkin Face The Internet is filled with printable stencils to help you…

Family Fall Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
There's no better time than fall to gather the family and head outside for a fun adventure.  It's not too hot, the bugs aren't as bothersome, and the scenery is gorgeous.  God has painted a colorful fall masterpiece once again.

Fall Scavenger Hunt Kids love discovery, and nature provides a captivating classroom.
For a family scavenger hunt, pack up your family and head to a nature park or local pond, or you can simply explore your own back yard or neighborhood to find all the items on your list.
You can make your own scavenger hunt list, including items like acorns, scarecrows, pumpkins, moss, squirrels, and pine cones, or find one online.
Equip your nature hunters with pencils to scratch off items from their list.  For a fun fall craft after the hunt, they will also need a paper or plastic grocery bag to collect materials such as leaves, walnuts, acorns, small sticks, small rocks, pine cones, and other non-poisonous items that catch their eye.


4 Types of Fall Decorators: Which One Are You?

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating in October, but styles typically fall into one of four categories.  Read on to discover your type--you will have a chance to vote at the end.

1.  Fall Festival This type of decorator doesn't like creepy Halloween decorations and sticks with harvest imagery like pumpkins, scarecrows, straw bales, mums, and corn shocks.
For them, it's a celebration of fall--the harvest, colorful changing leaves, and cooler temperatures.  It's about cozy decorations inside and out, wearing long sleeves again, sipping hot cider, and cooking a plethora of foods containing pumpkin.

If you bedeck your front lawn and porch with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn, you know squirrels and other wildlife can't resist stealing a nibble.  
Here's a tip to keep curious and hungry pests from ruining your pricey ornaments.  Spray your pumpkin and gourds with aerosol hairspray.  Next, pour white vinegar to make a perimeter.  After that, sprinkle…

3 Fall Lawn Care Tips You Should Do Before It's Too Late

For those of us living in cooler climates, lawn mowing season is nearly over.

There are a few tricks you can do in the Fall, however, that will improve the appearance of your lawn come Spring.
1.  Lawn Aeration August and September can be very dry, leaving your lawn brown and your soil tightly compacted.  Aerating the soil pokes holes into your lawn, helping air, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots.  This makes the roots stronger and causes them to plunge deeper, not only enabling them to withstand longer periods without rain, but making your lawn thicker and more robust.
If you are enrolled in a lawn care service program, a fall aeration may be included in your plan.  If it's not, call to check on pricing.

In addition to fall aeration, many companies also offer slice seeding where grass seed is dropped into the furrows created by the slicer, placing it in direct contact with soil instead of laying on top of the ground.

You can also aerate the lawn yourself by renting at aera…

Squirrels: Pests or Pals?

Are you inundated with squirrels where you live?

Here in the suburbs, it's a squirrel invasion.  Squirrels stage takeovers of our neighborhoods, knowing full well we can't risk firing at them and inadvertently picking off the people next door who emerge at the wrong time.

Plant grass seed, flowers, or spread  mulch, and these furry jihadists dig when you're not looking and displace your perfectly manicured sections of nature.  They are like kids who rumple a neatly made bed, or the spouse who leaves footprints on your freshly swept carpet.  It's irksome!

Fall is the time to plant flower bulbs that will be your first harbingers of Spring.  Squirrels consider this a game of hide and seek.  Hide a bulb underground, and they will bring it to the surface to let you know they found it.  They never tire of this game, no matter how many times you replant the bulb.  Placing rocks on top of your bulbs discourages them--just remember to remove the rocks before your first sprout.

Who Has the Best Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

Lattes--A Celebration in a Cup Lattes are my kryptonite--a secret pleasure I indulge in when no one's watching.

Who's with me?

Judging from the endless drive-thru line at Starbucks, I'm not the only one failing to resist temptation.

A pumpkin spice latte in the Fall is a tiny piece of heaven captured in a cup--a cup that costs dearly.  Ranging from $3-$5 for a small, lattes can break the bank if you aren't careful.  When you consider a 42.5-ounce can of Maxwell House is less than $8 and produces up to 325 six-ounce cups, it's hard to justify more than the occasional latte.

Everyone needs a little pampering from time to time, we reason.  Here's a helpful tip--put gift cards on your wish list to eliminate the guilt when you absolutely need a latte.
Where Do You Go for a Pumpkin Spice Latte? For those times when you're having a bad day and need a pick-me-up or you're just enjoying some rare alone time, where is your favorite place to snag a pumpkin spice la…