This Is the Best Alarm Clock for Your Tween or Teen and Makes a Great Gift!

Kids Outgrow Cute Clocks

When your kids are young, there's a huge selection of adorable alarm clocks for both boys and girls, like robots, Star Wars characters, unicorns, and Hello Kitty.  They reach an age, however, when they feel like big kids and are suddenly embarrassed by their childish clock when friends come over to hang out.

Your tweens and teens don't want an alarm clock like YOU because it isn't cool to be anything like their parents.

Though they rarely admit it, tweeners somewhere between ages 8 and 12 still like the comfort of a night light, but they don't want anyone to think they NEED a night light because they certainly aren't SCARED of the dark.  

Turns out, there's a perfect alarm clock that solves all these emotional quandaries for your tweens and teens.  It's looks mature but not old, includes a built-in night light in 7 different colors, and has two spots to plug in their devices.     

Hands down, this is the best clock you can buy your tweener or teen.

Not All Alarm Clocks Are Made Equally

Before we discovered the tween-approved alarm clock discussed in this post, we bought a lemon.  We tried the Sunrise alarm clock.  If you've looked into clocks for your tween or teen, you've likely run across it.  The light can be set to gradually dim as your child falls asleep and then gradually brighten before the alarm sounds.  The alarm itself could be set to a favorite radio station or to preset sounds, like birds or ocean waves.  

First, the wake-up sounds were too artificial.  Second, the light on the clock was so bright we worried airplanes would mistake our home for a runway.  Seen from outside, the bright light would make one think we were having close encounters of the third kind. Third, the radio was terrible.  Worst of all, it stopped working after a few months.

The USB  charger went on the fritz immediately.  We replaced it with a better cord, but the clock continued to malfunction.  Sometimes, the buttons on the front wouldn't register the finger tap, the light wouldn't work, and eventually, it conked out all together.

Beware this clock.  It look cool, but it is a poor quality product.

The Alarm Clock Has All The Features You Need

Kids like gadgets, but they don't have to be overly complicated to extract enjoyment.  This alarm clock is simple to use, and it has everything your tweener or teen needs.

  • There are 7 colors of night light options.  Pushing the top button changes the colors, but the final push turns it off entirely, if desired.
  • It has a a large snooze button--not one of those tiny ones you can never find when you're half asleep.
  • You don't have to squint to read the time because the display is 7 inches high.  For less glare, the display can also be dimmed.
  • It boasts both a 12-hour and 24-hour time format.
  • The alarm can be set to low, medium, or high, so it's perfect for heavy sleepers.
  • It has battery back-up but is outlet powered--this makes it so much more reliable!
  • The clock has dual USB ports, so your kids can plug in their cell phone, tablet, or other device.

More Reasons To Love This Clock

The light on this alarm clock is soothing.  It manages to illuminate the entire room, but in the softest of ways.  If your child wakes up in the night from a bad dream, they can quickly be comforted by the warm glow.

It's simple to use!  Whether you're young or old, this clock is straightforward without complicated instructions.

The dual USB capability is perfect if you have young bookworms who own a Kindle.  Our child is a voracious reader who drains her Kindle battery quickly.  She plugs her Kindle into the clock, and if she wakes up from a bad dream, she reads until she becomes drowsy.  She likes to ease into each morning by reading in bed too, so for her, the USB ports are ideal.

The Clock Makes a Great Gift

If you are still waking your kids up in the morning, it's time to teach them responsibility.  When kids have to get themselves up each day, it develops positive habits.  It promotes self-discipline, keeps them organized, teaches them to be punctual, and provides the type of structure that helps them thrive.

Buying your kids a special alarm clock, especially when it means you're trusting them to be "big kids" and get themselves up in the morning, will make them feel like the mature person they want to be.

We bought this clock as a birthday gift, and it was a hit!  

Who on your wish list would love this clock?

  • Your own children who want an upgrade from their current kiddie clock.
  • Your nieces or nephews who will be glad their aunt or uncle bought them a cool and useful gadget.
  • An elderly parent with vision problems who will appreciate the large numbered display and who needs the light to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Kids with night terrors who need the immediate comfort of soft light upon waking.
  • Anyone on your wish list who needs to charge their phone or device by their bed.
  • You!  Maybe you need to treat yourself by purchasing a gift to you, from you!
I don't want you getting stuck wasting money like I did, trying different clocks until you find one that works long term.

This clock is a keeper, and even as your kids continue to grow, they won't outgrow it.

Here's where you can purchase it:


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