Mike Lindell's "MyPillows" Really Work AND You Support An American Patriot When You Buy Them

Mike Lindell Is Beloved

If you haven't seen a lengthy MyPillow commercial by now, you must live in a cave.

Mike Lindell nearly bubbles over from his passion about helping people get the "best sleep of their lives."  Lindell is not an actor.  He really is as happy as he looks.

His genuine smile, upbeat persona, and sparkling eyes aren't manufactured for the camera.  Lindell has tapped into the source of true and unending joy, and that is Jesus.

Mike Lindell is the real deal.

After battling multiple addictions for many years, Lindell attended a retreat where he finally made the decision to surrender his life to Christ, and it completely transformed him.

Lindell has been blessed to be a blessing.  He created the Lindell Foundation to help veterans, cancer victims, and people struggling with addiction.  In addition, he founded the Lindell Recovery Network to help drug addicts connect with Christian recovery organizations.  

Lindell is a generous man whose philanthropy includes donating pillows to hurricane victims, investing in the movie Unplanned to fight against abortion, making masks during the pandemic, and exposing the paper trail of corruption and interference with America's 2020 eletion with his release of Absolute Proof.

Everyone loved the "MyPillow Guy" until Lindell threw his support behind President Trump.  Since becoming a political activist, Lindell suffers frequent attacks from a hostile cancel culture, but patriots adore him all the more for his courage.

If this photo triggers you, you might be a snowflake.

In fact, after MyPillow was dropped from major retailers due to their fear of the fascist mob, patriots have flocked to mypillow.com to overwhelm the company with orders. Despite Lindell's employees working around the clock, the company has still fallen two weeks behind due to the high demand. 

Just goes to show when you are persecuted for doing what's right, you invite the blessings of God!

Do MyPillows Work?

Controversy swirled around the MyPillow brand in 2016 when lawsuits were filed against Lindell for claiming to be a "Sleep Expert" and marketing his pillows as a cure or treatment for certain diseases, like fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and acid reflux, among others.  Not suprisingly, these allegations were made by various counties in California, the progressive, black sheep, problem child in our American family.

In 2017, the Better Business Bureau lowered MyPillow's rating from an A+ to an F due to consumer complaints that Lindell's BOGO offer was ongoing, and therefore not a promotion but the regular price of the product.

Could there be a connection between Lindell throwing his support behind Trump in 2016 and the lawsuits and downgraded BBB rating?  Let's go to Parler's CEO, John Matze for comment.......oh, right, CANCELLED!

Lindell invented MyPillow in 2004 using a patented mix of different-sized pieces of open-cell poly-foam.  He tested 94 different foams before finding the perfect one, and he even developed the machine that chops the pieces to the desired specification.  Lindell's mix also contains a resin that enables the foam to retain its shape as it adjusts to a user's preferred sleep position. 

The pillows are non-allergenic, dust mite-resistant, washable, and dryable, but do they work?


When my husband and I were first married, he started off using a memory foam pillow.  As you know, memory foam is not washable.  Even though we used washable pillow protectors in addition to pillow cases, we replaced his pillow regularly just because---eww.  Not to mention, the memory foam ended up taking strange, permanent shapes, much like Dr. Richard Levine morphed into the anomaly of Rachel Levine.

Real science is developing a patented pillow fill, not denying the truth about chromosomes.

I always preferred a fluffy pillow over a flatter one.  I loved the feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into coziness.  As I aged, my fluffy pillows turned on me.  I would wake up every morning with a kink in my neck, aching shoulders, and a nagging headache.  The poor alignment even trailed down to my lower back where the ache would persist.

That's when I finally tuned into one of Lindell's MyPillow commercials instead of forwarding through it on the DVR.

My husband and I gave MyPillow a chance, and now, we wouldn't consider using anything else.

Initially, I was skeptical.  MyPillows definitely were not the big, fluffy type I preferred.  I had to sleep a little flatter than I was used to, but I woke up each morning feeling like a new person--totally free from aches and pains!  

Washing and drying some products can lead to a decline in quality.  Not so with MyPillows.  We wash and dry these pillows on a regular basis, and if anything, it seems to revive them!  In fact, MyPillow recommends washing them every four months. Lindell guarantees this product not to go flat for 10 years due to the three-piece, interlocking fill.  If your MyPillow ever seems flat, it's time for a wash.

When the JCPenney pillows one of our kids used collapsed into pancakes, we decided to invest in two more MyPillows.  When the shipment arrived, I thought the delivery man made a mistake.  I couldn't believe two MyPillows were contained in the small package that showed up on my doorstep.

The pillows were tightly rolled so two would fit in an economical package.  I thought there was NO WAY these pillows were going to fluff up, even though the packing slip said to toss them in the dryer for 15 or 20 minutes.  Was I ever wrong!  Remember the scene from Austin Powers: Goldmember when Beyonce's hair is wet and flat, she shakes her head, and she's back to an Afro?  It's exactly like that, not like putting tiny toy dinosaurs in water and being disappointed when they never grow larger like they're supposed to. 

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Lindell started off hand-sewing all of his pillows and relying on his family to help with sales and distribution.  Before his infomercials caused his business to explode, he was selling his pillows in mall kiosks and at state fairs and trade shows.

Since then, Lindell's company has grown from 50 employees to 1,500, selling over 41 million MyPillows and increasing his net worth to over $300 million. His headquarters are based in Chaska, Minnesota, and his 70,000 square-foot manufacturing plant is located in Shakopee, where he cranks out roughly 25,000 pillows per day.

Twitter has de-platformed Lindell for his political activism, the media has vilified him, retailers have abandoned him, but Lindell continues to prosper.  He even launched his own social media platform, investing millions of dollars to utilize his own servers, and it functions like a hybrid of Twitter and YouTube.  You can visit the site at www.frankspeech.com

David Hogg, a survivor of the 2018 Parkland Shooting, vowed to establish a rival pillow company, not because he's an inventor, entrepreneur, or even someone trying to make it rich, but because his goal is to "put MyPillow out of business."

I'm sticking with Mike Lindell over David Hogg, boy villian.  Two words, David:  "Anger Management"

How did Lindell respond to the mean-spirited intentions of this young, snot-nosed thug who has tried to capitalize on his 2018 trauma? With grace, Lindell stated, "Good for them...nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone's patent," reported Axios.

Being the wiener he is, Hogg has already dropped out of the fight, citing a return to "activism," which means he's going around running his mouth instead of doing anything useful.  

MyPillow Sells More Than Just Pillows

With the tremendous success and popularity of MyPillow, Lindell has responded to consumer demand by adding more quality products to his line.

Visit mypillow.com for a comprehensive look at Lindell's offerings, which include:

  • Giza Dream Sheets
  • Towel Sets
  • Mattress Topper
  • Bath Robes
  • Blankets
  • Children's Bible Story Pillows
Patriots are responding to cancel culture's attack on Mike Lindell by supporting his business.  Lindell has invested his resources in fighting for the soul of America, and we need to have his back.

Visit Lindell's website and make your purchase today.  Stand with Mike!

Buy Lindell's Book

Mike Lindell chonicles his battle with addiction and testifies of the overcoming power of faith in God--against all odds.

If you haven't read his book, you need to snag a copy.  It is truly inspiring and the type of stuff blockbuster movies are made of.

Maybe you know someone who has hit rock botton and has no where to go but up.  This books can give them the hope they desperately need.

If you've searched for reviews on MyPillows and found negative ones, don't be surprised if they are written by the angry, political mob who have never even tried Mike's products. 

MyPillows have worked for our family, and we plan to buy Giza Dream Sheets and Mike's towels next.

Mike Lindell is an American patriot.  Show your support by placing an order today!

Faith over fear!


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