Should Students Be Required to Wear Masks to School in the Fall?

State Departments of Education Drafting Fall Protocols for Schools

When school resumes in the Fall, do you want your kids wearing masks all day in class?

If you answered "yes," this post is not for you.  Move on.  This post is for patriots who understand the mandating of masks is a tyrannical move that violates our freedom.

Many state departments of education are in the process of drafting return-to-school protocols, where mandatory mask-wearing will be required for teachers, faculty, and students.  Since nothing is written in stone, especially as we wait to see how re-opening the country will unfold, now is the time to speak up in protest.

This is so wrong!  (Getty Images)

Here's How You Can Take Action Against Mandatory Student Mask-Wearing

There are a few things you can do to make your voice heard:

  • Local districts may be granted flexibility from your state, so contact your superintendents and school board members.  Simply Google "(Name of School District) board of education" and you will find the names and e-mail addresses you need.  Send them an e-mail citing your concerns and expectations.
  • Contact your State Department of Education and let them know your thoughts.  Remember, most states are only in the drafting stages, and if they are inundated with parents who are all saying the same thing, they are bound to take notice.  
  • Contact your local and state elected officials.  This includes state legislators for your district as well as your governor.
  • Take advantage of social media.  Urge your followers and friends to follow your example and take action.  It's fair for mask-wearing to be recommended, but it should not be mandatory.  Facebook even allows you to upload a document within groups, so consider creating a form letter other parents can copy, sign, and send.

This looks wrong because it is wrong.

What Should You Include in Your Letter?

If you're thinking, I'm not a very good writer.  I know how I feel, but I can't get my thoughts on paper, don't worry!  We'll examine what your letter should include, and then I will give you a sample letter you can use as a framework.  You can copy, paste, and tweak it however you want to make it your own.

Your First Paragraph Should Include the Main Point

It's not that you can't address other concerns in your letter, but focus on the issue(s) that fire you up the most.  This is what you want to cover in your opening statement.  For me, I'm most opposed to mandated mask-wearing, so that's the key point I hit first.

Include Facts

Officials will likely dismiss overly emotional rants, so grab their attention by using facts to support your argument.  Even if you don't cite your sources in the letter, be sure you have the them handy in case you are asked to produce them.  You can't just pull ideas from your rear and try to pass them off as science.

Offer Solutions

Complaining about the situation without offering viable solutions isn't productive.  When you offer common sense ideas or alternatives, you look like a reasonable person.  You increase your chances of being taken seriously instead of being dismissed as a radical or conspiracy theorist.  

Pull It All Together

Once you state your case, include facts to substantiate your point, and propose alternative measures, feel free to include your opinion on the situation as a whole.  Your editorial commentary shouldn't form the bulk of your correspondence, but you do have the right to be heard.  Speak your mind respectfully.

Sample Letter Opposing Mandatory Mask-Wearing in Schools

Here's a copy of a letter I circulated to our superintendent, assistant superintendent, and board of education members:

Dear Superintendents and Board Members:

As you consider best practices for students returning to school in the fall, our family would like to express our vehement opposition to mandating masks for students.

Studies around the world show that kids under age 18 account for less than 2% of reported infections.  Not only are they the least likely to contract the virus, they are least likely to transmit the virus.

Masks give people a false sense of security and will not prevent infection.  Most masks only block .3 microns, and the COVID-19 particle ranges from .06 to .14 microns.  Cloth masks are even less effective.

Masks for children do more harm than good:
  • Masks create a dark and moist environment that can actually increase the risk of infection.
  • Breathing in their own carbon dioxide creates harmful side effects.
  • Since masks are uncomfortable, they lead to more face touching.  The breath being released above the mask irritates the eyes, leading to more eye-scratching, which also increase the chance for infection.
  • Kids will re-wear contaminated masks.
  • Since masks make it harder to breathe, they will pose a huge distraction from learning and become more psychologically damaging to students.  
  • The false sense of security from masks causes people to become lax with hand-washing and sanitizing.
  • Forcing students to wear restrictive masks borders on abuse.
Fear is driving recommendations for mask-wearing, even though the harmful impact it has outweighs the risk of possible infection.

Never in history have masks been recommended for people who are well, only for those who are sick.

To force kids to wear face masks at school is an assault on personal freedom and a form of tyrannical oppression.  Our state's draft plan for safety protocols is frighteningly similar to methods imposed in communist countries to control the population.  

This is not a "new normal"--it's completely abnormal and goes against everything we stand for as a nation.  This virus has been politicized, pushing a fear-mongering narrative by anti-American leaders who are using it to seize power rather than demonstrate care about our health and wellness.

We can't live our lives based on "projections" from "models" that have grossly missed the mark over and over and over.  What if there never is a cure or effective vaccine?  Once we give up personal freedom and choice, we never get it back.  Restrictive measures that are introduced as "temporary" always end up being "permanent."  Even our state's COVID statistics are inflated.  People who test positive for COVID antibodies, even though they had the infection months previously without realizing it, are counted as new COVID cases.  Doctors are pressured to list causes of death as COVID even when their patients die of other diseases--all because more cases mean more money for the state.

If any teacher, staff member, or student feels better wearing a mask, they should be encouraged to do so; however, if anyone prefers not to wear a mask, they should also have the freedom to make the choice.

So, what can be done to help keep our schools safe?

Encourage frequent hand-washing among students. Sanitize surfaces, community areas, and high-touch places more often.  Ask students to do temperature checks at home before coming to school.  Encourage anyone with a fever over 100 to stay home.  Refrain from clustering desks so students can be a little further apart.  Do less cooperative learning where kids have their heads together in a group to work on a single project.

These are common sense ways to create a healthy environment without infringing on personal liberty.

Social distancing isn't feasible or sustainable for the student population.  Social interaction, sports, and other school activities are huge components of healthy social development, and it would be wrong to force kids to avoid each other for fear of "cooties."  While they could be encouraged not to invade each other's "personal bubble," requiring a 6-foot distance would be extreme.

In the state's draft of procedures for returning to school, they note that requiring students with low-grade fevers to stay home will result in higher than normal absences.  With this in mind, the school should also develop opportunities for remote learning for those who are unable to come to school to prevent them from falling behind.  Though this past spring's remote learning was a poor substitute for the classroom and would result in the dumbing down of students long-term, missing out on too much classroom instruction would be an even worse recipe for academic disaster.  This needs addressed.

To mandate masks for students and faculty isn't a safety measure but a move towards fascism.  We encourage you to make mask-wearing optional for the Fall.


The (Your Last Name) Family

The Data Might Change

This virus is referred to as "novel" because it's new, and as our understanding of the virus evolves, the data will likely change.  Depending on when you read this post, you may need to "update" the letter with new statistics.  

By Fall, we will also have a better grasp on how reopening the country has affected new infections and hospitalizations.  Will there be a spike?  Will the numbers keep dropping?  Will the virus team up with the flu for a deadly season?

Or, will we develop herd immunity much faster?

Our Superintendent's Response to Mask-Wearing Letter

Our local superintendent responded to our letter in an e-mail that read:

Thank you very much for your communication.  I appreciate your thoughts and value your informative input.  As we get closer to the Fall and hopefully back to school as we know it, we can address these issues in a fair, responsible way.  Be safe and thank you for your support.
Our voices were heard, and a dialogue was started.  The superintendent's message was positive, respectful, and fair.

However, if mask-wearing becomes mandatory in the fall, things are going to get ugly.

What Are You Going to Do?

Are you going to complain and worry about whether your kids will have to wear masks back to school in the Fall?  Do something about it!  Don't wait for someone else to get the ball rolling.

In addition to requiring masks, schools in Taiwan space kids apart and even put dividers between them in the cafeteria.  How isolating, and how damaging to them socially and emotionally!  We're not "in this together," just the opposite.  Fear-mongering and distancing is completely divisive.

By taking action, you're not only protecting your kids from the harmful effects of mask-wearing, you are preserving our nation from tyrannical, power-grabbing, government overreach!

This business gets it!  Let's hope schools will, too.

Share This Post!

Share this post with your friends, on Twitter, and through Facebook.  Sometimes, we all just need a little nudge to answer the call to action.  The goal of this post is to unite all freedom-lovers to collectively fight back against unnecessary school mandates.  Spread the word!

Plus, in the comment section, share your unique ideas, links to supporting research, what your state's school plan is for the Fall, etc.  Let's help each other navigate these uncertain waters!

Take the Survey

A wise person posed this question:  

If masks work, why did we shut down?  If they don't work, why would we be forced to wear them?
That is food for thought!  Take a second to respond to the survey below regarding how you feel about students being required to wear masks to school in the Fall.


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