Finding the Positives of Social Distancing Due to Coronavirus

Americans are a busy people.  We have places to go, things to do, and people to see.

The Coronavirus has brought all of that to a screeching halt.

We can dwell on what we're missing out on, or we can seek a silver lining.

The Bible says in Romans 8:28:
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.
That's good news!  Even when bad things happen, God can make something good come out of it!

While we shouldn't minimize the brevity of a global pandemic and its fallout--sickness, economic hardship, finding childcare with schools closed, and foraging for toilet paper--we can find creative ways to make the best of a bad situation.

People Get a Taste of What Socialism is Like

Grocery lists are now wish lists.

Items we take for granted to always be on the shelves are missing.  Bread, canned fruit, rice, beans, eggs, meat--all of the necessary staples--are gone or in minimal quantities.  While there is no actual supply shortage, people are panicking and snapping up food like locusts, and merchants are struggling to keep the merchandise restocked. 

The places we rely on for goods and services are closing their doors to help contain the virus--dentist offices, optometrists, salons, retailers, restaurants--grocery stores and doctors' offices are nearly all that remain.

Thankfully, this hysteria is temporary; however, in socialists countries like Venezuela, living in lack is a sad, everyday reality, and not because suppliers can't keep up with the demand--there is no supply.

Socialists, like Bernie Sanders, the entire Democratic party, and Joe Biden, support communist policies for America.  Nationalization of production creates what we are seeing now:
  • Empty shelves
  • Rationing
  • Unavailability of medical care
  • Economic collapse
  • Sheltering in place and curfews
Why would anyone vote for a Democrat and make this severe lack a permanent way of life?  

We can be optimistic that the underpinnings of our economy are strong, so once the virus crisis passes, and it will, our economy will be rebuilt and come roaring back.  Under socialist leadership, that hope would be gone.  Voters should see the stark contrast between lack and prosperity and soundly reject socialism at the polls.

Less CNN

Airports are empty, which means less people are watching fake news on the state-run media outlet.  

These Leftist whack jobs never let a crisis go to waste.  Inducing panic and pinning it on Trump is their favorite sport.

With less people being force-fed garbage from CNN, maybe they will snap out of the trance and realize Trump is demonstrating outstanding leadership in putting America first during this time of crisis.

Easier to Avoid People You Don't Like

If you're an introvert, techie, engineer, nerd, or just someone who has grown disgusted with humanity (namely, Democrats and Socialists), you've been waiting for cultural approval on social distancing for a long time.

That annoying mom from school trying to meet up with you and the kids at the park?  Tell her your family is laying low during the outbreak, and it won't hurt her feelings.

An obnoxious relative or neighbor threatening to come over?  Feign a sniffle and a cough and they will disappear faster than hand sanitizer from Walmart.

These people might have ulterior motives anyway--they only want to visit you and use up your toilet paper supply to spare their own.

A Chance to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Do you remember your grandparents or great-grandparents who lived through the Depression?

They learned all kinds of tricks--reusing aluminum foil multiple times, darning socks, stretching the same food base over a few days.  Most of us throw used foil and hole-y socks away, and sometimes,we even turn up our noses at leftovers.  

The Depression produced a lot of pack rats.  When you have to do without, you hold onto everything because you never know when you might need it after all.

When my grandma died, her house was packed full of junk in every nook and crannie.  Drawers were filled with toothpicks, ketchup packets, and mini jelly tubs she'd throw in her purse before leaving restaurants.  

It's not necessary to keep garbage.  This knee-jerk reaction is a result of living by fear rather than faith; however, there is a lesson to learn.  

We are spoiled.

When we need groceries, they are always in abundant supply.  When our clothes wear out, stores are brimming with new ones.  When we seek entertainment, plenty is available.
It's not wrong to live in prosperity and enjoy its benefits.  We should never feel guilty about being blessed.  Yet, we must guard our hearts from becoming entitled and ungrateful.  We can also learn to use our resources more wisely.

When a parent buys a child everything she wants, what happens?  She becomes a brat no one likes, right? 

Getting a taste of what it's like to live without the things we need and love and being stuck at home with nowhere to go isn't necessarily all bad.  Maybe we need the attitude adjustment.  After this crisis is over, we won't be so quick to take our blessings for granted, and that can create grateful, thankful, and appreciative hearts.

You Can Save Money

With so many stores and restaurants shut down or limited in hours, there's no where to go outside of your own backyard.  Since your kids are home, this will save you a ton of money.

Parents know shopping or vacationing with kids is very expensive!

Even some private pools are cautioning members to hold off paying annual dues.  Not knowing how long it will take for Coronavirus to run its course, it's possible your pool membership will be prorated this season, if the opening is delayed.

You're saving gas money because the price per gallon has dropped, and it doesn't take much gas just to go to the grocery store.  Recreation Centers and sports teams are suspending practices and games, so you might be reimbursed for your registration fees.

Refinance your house!  Interest rates are plummeting.  

Unless you get click happy online, this is a great time to sock away some extra cash.

If you are out of a job as a result of the virus, Congress is working to get money into your hands quickly to sustain you until your work resumes.

More Family Time

Schools are closed across the nation.  Those of us who are homemakers are unaffected by this hiccup, but some working parents are cutting time at the office short to be home with their kids.  Many restaurants and businesses that have closed, at least to the public, have reduced their current work force, allowing even more parents to manage the flip-flopped schedule on the home front.

Families that are typically on the go--school, sports practice, church, meetings, extra-curricular events, day trips for entertainment--feel shipwrecked at home in self-imposed exile.

While grocery stores remain overwhelmed and bustling, everywhere else is closed or ghostly empty.

Giving your family undivided focus is a wonderful opportunity.  Bonding and connecting to your kids will strengthen your family unit, provide solidarity to your relationships, and give them a healthy booster shot of love and security.

When was the last time your family could relax and enjoy spending time together without rushing out the door to your next commitment?

If you don't enjoy your kids (even though you won't admit it out loud), you raised them.  It's all on you.  Use this time together to fix the mess you made.

With no place to go and nothing to do, just watch how necessity becomes the mother of invention once again.  Expect your kids to stay off screens and get creative, and they will do it.

Crisis Brings Out the Best in Others

Grocery stores are donating extra money to community food banks to supply food to those who need it.  Some are even catering to the elderly by designating shopping hours solely for seniors.  With so many people being put temporarily out of work, grocers are also offering jobs to displaced workers until they can return to their regular businesses.

Schools are offering grab-and-go lunches daily for kids who need it.

People are offering to shop for their elderly neighbors to keep them from being at-risk.

Social media is bursting with upbeat posts to encourage friends.

Sure, you've seen the cat fights over people grabbing items they want from other people's grocery carts, but idiots continue to exist despite a pandemic.

We are all in this together.  Politics aside, now is the time to pull together like a family and push through to victory.

You Can Sleep More

With many employers offering a work-at-home option and schools not in session, you finally get a chance to get a full eight hours of rest!  That means you can stay up and watch the movies cluttering your DVR!

Spend Less Time Cooking

Some of us practically live in the kitchen to feed our families.  Now, when you want a break, just tell everyone you're eating from a box because the store was out of food.  Voila!  A no-cook night!

God Always Wins

In John 10:10 says, The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.  

Just as America is thriving once again under the leadership of President Trump, experiencing the greatest prosperity in the history of our nation, breaking records, putting America first, confronting our enemies head-on, and re-establishing us as a strong world power, along comes Coronavirus--right before the 2020 election.

Perfect timing.

The devil and his minions, i.e. the Democratic Socialists, will try to use this to their advantage and Trump's detriment, but it will backfire.  

People who support Sanders and Biden will decide the bare shelves and economic collapse isn't what they bargained for.  Undecided voters will laud Trump for keeping our country safe and providing for those hardest hit.

Despite the social distancing that keeps us from fellowship, America will unite in spirit until we can connect in person.

Although Trump's administration and state governments are using the power of "state of emergency" to protect us now, many will realize how such power, in the wrong hands, could be used by bad actors (Democrats) to seize power.  

Simply declaring a state of emergency gives government the right to ban the sale of guns, ammunition, alcohol, and gasoline.  Access can be cut off to gas, water, and electricity.  Government has the authority to take possession of private property.  What we are experiencing now is temporary, but gross government overreach is the goal and platform of Democrats and Socialists, and something they would implement long-term through policies like the Green New Deal.

Initially, some thought COVID-19 was the latest hoax aimed at toppling Trump's administration, following in the wake of failed attempts like the Russia-collusion hoax and the Ukraine and impeachment hoaxes.  I propose the devil became frustrated with the Democrats failures and took the reins.

If the devil thought he could derail Trump's re-election with a pandemic, he has forgotten that God is still on the throne, and we are still one nation, under Him.  It's going to be okay!