Ideal Children's Bible Trivia Game--A Great Resource for the Christian Family

Train Up Your Children

Proverbs 22:6 directs parents to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

We are living in a world that seems to have gone insane.  We are told men can give birth, people can pick their own genders, and pregnancies can be terminated without regard to human life.  Patriots are dubbed oppressors and racists, while domestic terror and fascist groups like BLM and Antifa are considered heroes.  

Our culture is completely upside down from how God originally created it!

The Ideal Children's Bible Trivia game is scripturally sound.

Yet, here we are, trying to raise our kids in a climate that is growing increasingly hostile to people of faith.  It's imperative we use all tools available to root and ground our children in the Word of God so they will have the fortitude to stand firm against the enemy.

As a Christian parent, you are undoubtedly doing your best to teach your kids to swim upstream against the flow.   The best way to reach your kids is to live out your own faith in front of them every day.  In addition to setting the right example, you might be doing a number of the following:

  • Taking your kids to church regularly.  Don't be flippant about this.  If you are hit-and-miss when it comes to church attendance, your kids will develop a lackadaisical attitude towards it.  It sends a message that God is only a priority sometimes, when you feel like it, and this will affect whether or not they remain in the church when they are adults raising their own kids.
  • Involving your kids in youth groups, church activities, and Bible study, and teaching them to memorize scriptures.
  • Praying with your kids every day, reading family devotions, and helping them filter events of the day through scripture to develop a Biblical worldview.
  • Homeschooling them, enrolling them in private school, or being actively engaged in their public schooling to protect them from false indoctrination.
  • Helping them develop good character and make right friend choices.
  • Encouraging them to show God's love to others by volunteering, donating, and using their talents to honor the Lord.
This is an abridged list--you can probably think of many other ways you are training your kids up in the ways of God.  

Once your kids have accepted Christ as their Savior, that is just the starting point.  In an increasingly dark world that is constantly bombarding us with messages that are antithetical to God's design, it is of the utmost importance your kids know the Word.  The Bible is the ultimate measuring stick for truth.  No matter what their teachers say, their friends say, or the media says, your kids need to know what God says about the same issues.

If it's challenging to get your kids to read God's Word for themselves because they find it "boring," you can make it fun by playing a game that forces them to dive into their Bibles in search for answers.

Our family accidentally stumbled upon the Ideal Children's Bible Trivia game, and our kids LOVE it!

Ideal Children's Bible Trivia Game Is Fun For The Whole Family

Trivia games are wildly popular because everyone likes to show off what they know.  Your kids are no exception--they will want to prove they know more about the Bible than their siblings.

The best part about this game is that it teaches all players TRUTHS they may not have known or helps them recall things they have long forgotten.  It's the perfect refresher course.  There are over 1,000 questions with this game, so your family can play it A LOT before the concepts are mastered.

The game is suitable for 2-4 players ages six and up.  The goal is to answer questions correctly in all seven categories and move your peg up the rainbow to land in a cross in the sky.

The winner is the first one to make it to the cross and answer a final question.

Here are the seven different categories of questions:

  1. Old Testament
  2. History & Geography
  3. Prophets & Miracles
  4. Names
  5. Letters, Numbers, & Sequence
  6. New Testament
  7. Wisdom
Players are often surprised how often the answer is on the tips of their tongues, but they can't retrieve it, proving how necessary it is to know God's Word better!

The Children's Bible Trivia Questions Aren't Too Hard

One of the most annoying things about buying a trivia game is having the questions require obscure knowledge to answer them.  We've bought and resold many trivia games for that reason!

The Ideal Children's Bible Trivia game is much more straightforward.  Want a sample?  Here are some questions from the game:

  • OLD TESTAMENT:  To whom did Samson tell his secret?
  • HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY:  What city did the Israelites march around 13 times?
  • PROPHETS & MIRACLES:  What kind of bird brought food to Elijah?
  • NAMES:  Whose wife turned into a pillar of salt?
  • LETTERS, NUMBERS & SEQUENCE:  On which of the six days of Creation did God make the sun?
  • NEW TESTAMENT:  What kind of tree did Jesus wither because it had no fruit:  fig, coconut, oak, or palm?
  • WISDOM:  Fill in the missing word:  "Man shall not live by __________ alone."
Players are excited to show you what they know.

The best part is the back of the cards don't just reveal the answers, they list the books, chapters, and verses where the correct responses can be found.  Keep your Bible handy because if anyone challenges the answer, you can turn it into a teachable moment. 

Since younger players haven't been in Sunday school as long or read all these stories yet for themselves, they may struggle a bit.  The game is for ages 6+, but age 8 seems more suitable.  You want your kids to love learning about the Bible, so if they have trouble coming up with the correct answers, be sure to give them as many hints as need be so they won't equate Bible knowledge with frustration.  You want them to feel encouraged by the game, not defeated, although everyone needs to learn to be gracious winners AND gracious losers.

Use The Children's Bible Trivia Game As A Tool In Your Groups And Classrooms & Give As A Gift!

If you lead a Sunday school class, youth group, or are hosting a kids' night activity at church, this Bible Trivia game is an engaging resource.  Play it just for fun, or incorporate incentives to help kids get serious about doing their best and learning more along the way.


You can buy the game for your own family game nights, or save it for a Christmas, Easter, or "just because" present.  Invited to a kid's birthday party you know is from a family of faith?  This game is a unique gift that makes a spiritual deposit into his or her life.

We are living in trying times, and the Ideal Children's Bible Trivia Game will help you prepare your kids for battle by arming them with the Word of God in a new way.  

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